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Since making her debut with 2018's Inside My Head--her freshman EP-- JaySol has lit up the music scene with her breathtaking vocals and passionate songwriting ability. Over the past year, the Kansas City- based artist continued to captivate her audience blending her soulful melodic sound with the genres of pop, rock, jazz, and neo-soul. Exposing her to different forms of music, her roots stem from growing up in church, attending Paseo Academy--where she was classically trained (violin)--and Kansas City's Jazz District. Every experience groomed her in the craft of artistry and pushed her to new limits. 

Jaysol has had the opportunity of singing background for Howard Hewitt (lead singer of the Grammy winning music group Shalamar) and Season 16 American Idol Finalist La'Porsha Renae. She was recognized as Kansas City's Best Female Vocalist in the 2nd Annual People's Choice Awards. Living life everyday doing what she loves most is the dream that JaySol chases with persistence. She  wants to show the rest of the dreamers of the world.. It IS POSSIBLE. 

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